This was a project worked on while I was a student at Montclair State University. The project was titled “Designer as Innovator” and the class had to find an underserved demographic and improve their lives through design.



I worked alongside two classmates and we took a look into our lives and made lists of who we’ve encountered who have been less fortunate than us. We ultimately decided to choose our fellow students at Montclair. We took a look into the lives of the average student, working part-time alongside a full load of courses (on average – 16-18 credits / 5-6 classes per semester).

After weeks of research, we found our average user was a Biochemistry student who had to balance her full-time course load alongside working a job paying minimum wage on-campus. We surveyed about 50 students and found that money was their major stress. So, we created Balance to help students not only budget their money better, but also teach them to manage their money more efficiently.



While we worked to concept and fully flesh out the inner-workings of the application as a group, I redesigned it to reflect what I believed a financial planing made especially for students should look like. Because students (and generally, people), are often overwhelmed by money, budgeting and saving, I believed the app should be as simple to use as possible. All designs shown are my own.