Budweiser Beer Bones


This was a project worked on while I was a student at Montclair State University. The project was a Line Extension Packaging project. Each student was assigned a brand and product line at random. I was assigned Budweiser and Pet Products. Having never owned a pet (other than fish), this project was a challenge I was totally up for.



After a few days of researching current pet products on the market and seeing there wasn’t too much variety in snacks from pet to pet, I decided to create some sort of dog treat. Then, I went to the drawing board and sketched some ideas for bones, sticks and kibble to see what the product could potentially look like.

I then started researching Budweiser: investigated their brand essence, learned to grasp their imagery and identity to accurately depict their brand. Next up was coming up with a idea for a pet product. I wanted to be whimsical and integrate a product that beer drinkers and pet owners would actually be interested in purchasing. And then came Beer Bones: an organic treat that promoted healthy tooth-growth.