ÉCLAT Skincare


This was initially a project I’d worked on as a student at Montclair, but then completely redesigned while reworking my portfolio. I still stayed within the realm of the original brief. This project required us to create a series of products that could be sold separately or together as set, and tie back to the classic four elements: earth, air, fire and water.



This was my first foray into beauty/skincare package design, and I wanted to push the bounds a bit further and limit myself to create a high-end/luxury product. The word “éclat” in French translates to glow, luminous and radiance. I created a four-step skincare system to purify and hydrate skin to be as clear and luminous as possible.

Each element has a relative effect on the skin. First step is “Earth”. It is a no-rinse cleanser that works to unclog impurities deep within the pores. Second: “Fire.” “Fire” is a toner that works to fight the first signs of noticeable pores, dullness and uneven skin texture. Third is “Air,” a serum loaded with powerful antioxidants scientifically formed to prevent the signs of aging. And last, “Water,” a super-lightweight facial moisturizer packed with powerful antioxidants and nutrients to help firm skin and minimize pores and wrinkles.